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CA Committees Hold Hearing on Vaping in Sacramento - CANORML #cannabis

1 month ago

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Rahul Gandhi

With each passing month the Modi Minar races upwards at a breathtaking pace; a monument dedicated to incompetence.…

1 month ago

David Schneider

Rees-Mogg’s guide to Grenfell. NOT TO BLAME Tory refusal to pass laws on sprinklers and cladding Council that cut…

1 month ago

Chuck Schumer

President Trump held a political rally in Kentucky where Senator Paul urged the media to disclose the identity of a…

1 month ago

Nkulu Innocent Sishi

RT @EricanSA: Dear @rachel_kolisi #RachelKolisi 1) We appreciation you for whom you are 2) You are an amazing woman 3) You are a good pers…

1 month ago

Laura Jean

@DonE6_26 That is alot of snow. We are having very warm weather here in Southern California.

1 month ago