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Wisconsin Democrats 🎃

Over 80% of Wisconsinites support universal background checks & ERPO laws. The support's there. The political spi…

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N. K. Jemisin

What happens when you let politicians, billionaires, and for-profit companies run public education. "Tests don't pr…

2 days ago

Randy Bryce

Frequent haircut flier @ScottWalker killed more than high speed rail in Wisconsin. #wiunion

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Central Time On WPR

The new @MULawPoll is out, measuring support in Wisconsin for the impeachment inquiry, opinions on the 2020 race, a…

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سمك لبن تمر هندى

RT @nasr_Almasrien: موقع WPR(السياسة العالمية) نشرعن إحتجاجات مصرالأخيرةأنها أثبتت أن النظام الذي بناه السيسي استبدادي هش لأنه لا ينفذ وعود…

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