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Yascha Mounk

This New Yorker article claims two in three young Americans who come to the emergency room were injured by police.…

3 weeks ago

Barnaby Edwards

I remember when people refused ‘on principle’ to wear a seatbelt when they became mandatory on 31 January 1983. S…

3 weeks ago

Governor JB Pritzker

We've lost nearly four times as many Americans from #covid19 than we did from car accidents in 2018. You have a li…

2 weeks ago

Adrian Doria

RT @AGHamilton29: What a silly and dishonest framing to avoid actual substantive discussion of a complex issue. Using this logic: You can…

2 weeks ago

Charles Wright

@KobieThatcher @NSWHealth Sadly 6 people have died from the virus in Queensland this year, but 120 people have been…

2 weeks ago

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