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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

When a mass shooting is committed by a Muslim, the crime is almost automatically labeled as Domestic Terrorism. Bu…

1 day ago

Qasim Rashid, Esq.

There were 82 school shootings in 2018—mostly by white men, 0 by Arabs Schools: Let’s use an Arab Guy for our mass…

2 days ago


【ミリオン6th】神戸Princess STATION <DAY1> 発表内容まとめ!→→ #idolmaster #ミリシタ

1 day ago


RT @jxylor: Pls rt ( nct&wayv fanfiction #taeten #แทเตนล์ ) TEDDY IS A BETA — Rule no.26 ( part 1 ) #เท็ดดี้เบต้า Dek-d :…

10 hours ago


RT @SkySportsNews: BREAKING: Vincent Kompany has announced he is to return to Anderlecht to become their player-manager.

10 hours ago