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Peter Ptassek - Embajador de Alemania en Colombia

Otro paso exitoso del proyecto SI Frontera, financiado por 🇩🇪 y 🇪🇺 Hoy hizo una nueva entrega de ventiladores de la…

1 week ago

Matthias Meisner

Friedliche #Coronaleugner? #Merkel, @katjakipping, @SawsanChebli gehören laut Liste zur BRD GmbH. @anetta2552, Tom…

5 days ago

British Army

Boxer is coming! The first prototypes of the British Boxer variants are in production 10 months after the purchase…

5 days ago

Jeffreymayr BChM.

Germany's first Crypto GmbH via @YouTube

2 minutes ago

Manuel Nunes

RT @GACCSouth: Welcome to our new members! Thanks for choosing to be part of the #GACCSouth. - @Roboyo_tweets - S…

3 minutes ago

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