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Siemens Mobility

The German #railway company @ODEG_GmbH awarded us with a contract over 23 Desiro HC regional electrical multiple un…

15 hours ago

bouncy / バウンシー

楽しそうすぎる😍by wiegand.maelzer GmbH 詳しくはこちら👉 jWKBv8i #ウォータースライダー #プール

2 days ago


Agreements signed today at @EduMinKenya between Nairobi TTI, Thika TTI, KIST, several private companies, @giz_gmbh…

10 hours ago

Keith G. Flippin

On page 31 of 127 of TeamViewer 13 Manual, by TeamViewer GmbH: 6.2 Requirements for usin...

2 minutes ago

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I handle business PERIOD! if you don’t have no business don’t tell me how to handle mines!

4 days ago

Bill Kristol

"Imagine a White House official who is unqualified, incompetent, and contemptuous of the law...who conceals his con…

4 days ago

David Corn

It’s already established that 1. Trump covered up he was doing business w/ Russia (and asking Putin for help) whil…

4 days ago

Terri Kay Oliver

RT @thehill: President Trump on Kushner WhatsApp report: "I know nothing about it. I've never heard that, I've never heard about it." Kush…

3 days ago


RT @aidanurariza: So im blocked by @zrich_zck after calling her out on the @netflix tweet. Im pretty sure its illegal and duit tu x berkat…

3 days ago