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@MarkDice top videos in HK region always CCP media and they even insert ads from CCTV

4 hours ago


Whenever there is a proof;before the @UN Department of #China moves, #ChiNazi erases the proof; even so many heart-…

6 hours ago


RT @Sandu7470: „CONVERSAŢIA” Segment 1 - De ce îi oprimă PCC atât de mult pe creştini? | EVANGHELIA POGORÂRII ÎMPĂRĂȚIEI #AlmightyGod #Toge…

6 hours ago


@kauyimmedia Indeed YouTube as well always the top videos are CCP media and even ads!

6 hours ago


RT @mnicoletos: Wow! I think this is a must-see interview (It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with #China's economic strategy) @Jky…

7 hours ago

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