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Although school is not for everyone do not let people discourage you from pursuing a higher education. We need the…

1 month ago

Frank Luntz

Tonight, @ChrisCuomo criticized Trump’s economy while using data that stops in 2016. This is complete incompetence…

1 month ago

John Cleese

The BBC's website refers to my 'fury' I think my comments were quite measured and moderate So why would the BBC r…

1 month ago

Gaga BTW Noticias ⭐️

RT @spotify_data: Most streamed female artists on Spotify (6/12 via @spotify_data) #1 @ladygaga 17.48m #2 @ArianaGrande 16.52m #3 @DUALIPA…

1 month ago

diane jones - not hateful - not cis

RT @KProtein19: -Not wanting a man to do your pap smear/body cavity search when you specifically asked for a woman is not white supremacy.…

1 month ago