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I’ve decided to return to highschool and complete my senior year. I thank my dad for the JBA Experience and playing…

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Donald J. Trump

Bob Hugin, successful all of his life, would be a Great Senator from New Jersey. He has my complete and total Endor…

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Tomi Lahren

Remember, there are Trump-deranged, man-hating, flag-burning, pink hat-wearing psychos that will get out and vote t…

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@_Shakesbeard 1. Speaker quality -- 3/5 2. Robustness -- 2.5/5 3. Look and feel -- 4/5 (old charm) 4. Collection --…

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RT @kusomushi: #いいおなかの日 競泳工場はモデルさんと冬コミの委託先募集してますっ

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