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Temper Pastry+Choc.

@chef_morimoto thank you. #cheflife #food #cooks #workhardplayhard @temperpastry chas.woodyer vanessatjf ms_sundo…

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Completely Charles

@SamInspired But caramel M&Ms are so GOOOOOOD!

19 hours ago

Chuck Darwin

RT @AlecMacGillis: Reminder: when the CIA told Obama just how extreme the Russian intervention was, two months before the election, it was…

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Luba ッ

eu: a internet: então quer dizer que você odeia todas as outras letras do alfabeto

6 hours ago

Esporte Interativo

Se tá na internet... 😅 #Copa2018

2 hours ago

👀👀 Miles Bridges tried to shut down the internet... via @NBATV

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RT @AKADonaldTrump: I love the internet!

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