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Chas Self

Our hearts are in TN as Tucker's class Graduates & moves on to 9th Grade Academy.All of my 8th Grade West Kiddos pl…

1 hour ago

Political Sausage

RT @Golfinggary5221: Only Pres. Trump could get the Democrats to defend MS-13 and Hamas in the same week! #FakeNews #DemocratsHateAmeric…

1 day ago

Chas 🇪🇺 #MeToo

RT @nytimes: An ever-growing body of research consistently reaches the same conclusion: The only variable that can explain the high rate of…

1 day ago

The Right is Right

RT @kaijubushi: “Ms-13 is no worse than the us military.” I’m glad liberals chose this hill to die on.

2 days ago

エルソン( ´_ゝ`)イカ楽しい

@monst_chas みんな流されすぎ、限定なんだからMSつけてもいいわ

2 days ago

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Lilly Singh

Welcome to the internet, where people’s opinions become facts. Miss me with that lack of critical thinking. Please…

1 week ago

Ed Markey

BREAKING: The Senate’s vote to save #NetNeutrality will take place this Wednesday, May 16th. Keep raising your voic…

1 week ago

Henkel Garcia U.

La propaganda en Internet del gobierno es muy invasiva. Sites, redes sociales, juegos, etc. Todas ellas se pagan en…

1 week ago

debbie yoon

RT @The_UnSilent_: This will never get old. I ❤️you Internet.

6 days ago