Chillum tweets

Samir Hrnic

Got myself a new chillum :)

8 years ago

tassja arielle

haven't touched Elle in over a month. #chillum #needagathering

8 years ago

Frank Castle

@Cervini34 I understand, stay strong my manā¤ he's watching you in chillum heaven

8 years ago

Wade Appleton

@MasterDrank at least you still got #TheTeam at yo back and #YoHomies fo chillum - #SN #RideODie

8 years ago

Adam Ulman

Btw don't be saying bong or chillum in a head shop cause like its illegal #waterpipe #straightpipe #politicallycorrect

8 years ago


New chillum #Breakinitin

8 years ago

Madie Kelly

see ya tonight @willem_chillum

8 years ago

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