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#DialNOW!! 👇👇👇

2 days ago

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david maraniss

The living former presidents - Bushes, Carter, Clinton & Obama- should make a joint statement calling on the racist Trump to resign.

1 month ago

Ted Cruz

Uh, facts matter. Fact 1: Iran is world's largest funder of terrorism. Fact 2: Obama gave Iran $1.7 billion, in unm…

1 month ago

WeRateDogs™ (author)

This is Seth. His only worry is whether there's enough time in the day to take a picture with every flower. 13/10

1 month ago


RT @AngeloRayGomez: Thank you President Trump for calling out ALL FORMS OF HATE. The alt-left screams #ImpeachTrump as they resist democrac…

1 month ago