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Anitta Schoolcraft

Somewhere Between: Somewhere Between FeaturesProduct DescriptionProduct DescriptionIn profiling Chinese ado...

7 years ago


Ugh back to work tomorrow.. Enjoyed my weekend off..Movies, downtown ice skating, lol regular skating, dinner Chinese food, hospital,friends

7 years ago

Chinese Movies

Chinese Movie- To Be Number One (1991) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version): Ray Lui | Kent Cheng | Cecilia Yip | La... #movie

7 years ago

Vito Kalyana

Chinese Zodiac premier on 12-12-12; one of most wanted movies on December 2012 (Jackie Chan)

7 years ago

December 25

My best friend and I ate chinese, watched weird movies, and talked about everything.

7 years ago


Lol love chinese movies

7 years ago


So fake "@teteswiss: Laughing stock "@tareva_Dr: Chinese movies tho""

7 years ago

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