Chiropractor tweets

Michael Harrison

RT @TFLN: (812): My chiropractor just high fived me for getting drunk enough to throw my back out this weekend.. Life. Complete.

8 years ago

lyda pawlak

ready to go to the chiropractor tomorrow

8 years ago

Nick Stoeberl

@deadmau5 you're gonna have some neck problems in the near future. You know a good chiropractor? hope so, keep rocking mate.

8 years ago

Alex Zigarovich

But for real though, I need to go to the chiropractor. #reallybad #sosore

8 years ago

Michelle Pewters

I need a chiropractor & a masseuse. #pronto

8 years ago

Eliza Thornberry

The chiropractor has me in pain from that adjustment I had earlier **

8 years ago

nathan wiley

@brooke_kett you need to go to the chiropractor!

8 years ago

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