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RT @ThriveToday2: @Bisolaaa It’s not sorcery it’s pure talent! She’s out of this world! And no she’s not lip syncing she’s just fantastic!…

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King SooHyun✨ waiting for #OneOrdinaryDay

RT @chillax_fanney: Pure Acting Talk 💬 #KimSooHyun’s new thriller series #OneOrdinaryDay exceed expectations of a remake 1. Compelling s…

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𝑊𝑒𝑙🦋⚣︎/ 📺 O rei de porcelana

@ENCH01NEP Ang ang Love so pure My puurfect boss Shell boy (ou pearl boy) Papa wolf and the puppy Painter of the ni…

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Anshija Seth

RT @shukla_bbs: Who knows if we reach the far away land out there. Who knows it's as pure as a pearl. Who knows the me and you in "us". It'…

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