Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards tweets

David Gammon

Chuck Lorre vanity cards can actually be pretty deep. #ChuckLorre #BigBangTheory #CLP

5 years ago

dany masado

Am I the one one who read chuck lorre's vanity cards?

5 years ago


This Week's Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards Are Not in Response to Angus T. Jones, Say Insiders -

5 years ago

Rebecca GinjaBROski

@_PowerOfVoodoo_ they're called vanity cards and his name is Chuck Lorre

5 years ago


#bigbangtheory chuck lorre- I've read as many of the vanity cards as I could since Dharma. # 400 tops them all

5 years ago

Nella Pascual-Unson

I love reading Chuck Lorre's Vanity Cards.

5 years ago

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