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Alex Wright

How on earth have I been watching the Big Bang Theory for 11 years and only just properly noticed these dang after…

1 month ago

Quotation Fun

Audio F... See Entire Quote -->

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Katie Bolinger

So happy to find this website. Always wondered what #chucklorre said in those vanity cards.

1 month ago

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Dara Lind

We got a copy of a draft regulation that could bar immigrants from green cards if they sent their US-born kids to H…

1 month ago


Reg Cathey, ‘House of Cards’ and ‘The Wire’ actor, dies at 59

1 month ago


今年のバレンタインであげる相手は「 #やっぱり家族でしょ 」!フォロー&リツイートで、抽選で「GODIVAのチョコレート」が当たる!

1 month ago