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Pony Express

RT @BeatleBrunch: Beatles vanity card from #chucklorre of @bigbangtheory @TwoAndAHalfMen @WillAndGrace and others @ringostarrmusic https://…

12 hours ago

Sir Galhad

@Picards__Fish @CBS @startrekcbs @larrynemecek Agreed. Have these wankers never seen #BigBangTheory or any other Ch…

16 hours ago

Kevin Schwartz

@autopritts I thought you and EVH would laugh at this:

1 day ago

Petar Toushkov

When I was a little boy the Russians were coming -- Chuck Lorre Productions, #563 #OrangeJulius

1 day ago

Sally Czezowska-Savi

@E4Tweets stop cutting #TheBigBangTheory off at the end of the credits! The #ChuckLorre card is too small to read!!

1 day ago

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