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Revista Dinero

#Bancos l En esta operación se incluían los negocios de activo, pasivo y contratos en cuanto a banca e inversiones…

1 week ago

Greenpeace Aus Pac

Pacific Island Represent activists in Fiji ‘flood’ beach to protest Citibank’s funding of deadly tar sands pipeline…

1 week ago

The Wall Street Journal

Citibank will pay $335 million in refunds to customers affected by the credit-card overcharges

2 weeks ago

Consumer Debt Help

#DebtReliefSpecialist wants to share a #settlement letter from #Citibank. Bal. $6896.68 Offer $1724.17 Savings $517…

1 week ago


RT @KatiaPorzo: Ten years ago!! I got my very first @Bloomberg b-unit as a summer intern at Citibank, when their stock was trading at a 10-…

1 week ago

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