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Cersei told Missandei to speak her last words. So Missandei looked her queen and the love of her life dead in the f…

1 month ago

Gabriel Valenciano

Don’t be afraid to cut people out of your life. It may hurt in the beginning and maybe even label you as something…

1 month ago

Lights, Camera, Pod

New '#SpiderMan: Far From Home' trailer is here. (Spoilers for #AvengersEndgame ahead)

1 month ago

Mugen ➿

RT @Waviest_baby: Marikana. Fees Must Fall. Life Esidimeni. Don't forget tomorrow, don't ever forget.

1 month ago


RT @thejoeywild3r: If we’re dating, I want to be your second priority. I want your first priority to be YOU, your ambitions, your life, an…

1 month ago