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june | hezhaoist

okay he zhao just reminded me of this dude that was in my class in 9th grade but im going to ignore that because th…

4 weeks ago

Darryl Brophy

RT @Jimmymack010: Always remember and never forget: When you talk RACE, you will get all of the airtime you want. Maybe even your own sho…

4 weeks ago


ok very happy to be back in athens but my brain isn’t ready to go to class

4 weeks ago


Some a unuh that stop go class since Integrated Science. Please stop acting like unuh name "Dr House"... Rass man m…

4 weeks ago

Wilson Mashi

@SohailAh46 @zaydam10 @sclark06791221 @jihadwatchRS Yeah that doesn't prove anything. You do know how the brain wor…

4 weeks ago

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