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Jill Melanson

Pride and Prejudice classical soundtrack on while I whip out this education project !!

7 years ago


A classical education, at least for such as he; in its seeming.

7 years ago

Chris Lewis

@educatedbylomo is that as a result of the saffron used to colour the is that yellow or classical education u see

7 years ago

Teaching JobsIndia

#TeachingJob Music Teacher [k12 School] at The Search House: Job Description:Trained in Classical, Wes... #indiajob

7 years ago


RT @AfricanaCarr: "Let your friends be the papyrus roll and the scribal palette." Neb-Maa-Re-Nakht, c. 1100 bce. Classical African educ ...

7 years ago

Christopher Schaefer

@KoryStamper What a nice way to date the end of classical education

7 years ago

Mrs Angry

@MPSBarnet @JuliaHines blimey: clearly you have had a classical education, MPS. Stuff your ears with wax and sail on by

7 years ago

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