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Joel Leon.

what is something you can do today to move you closer to your dreams? it don’t gotta be some large, overwhelming t…

1 day ago

John Tesh

Do you regularly take supplements? After each dose, wait at least an hour before drinking coffee. Research shows ca…

2 days ago

NASA Astronauts

Have you had your morning cup of coffee?☕️ #FunFact: Fluids behave differently in space, so astronauts on…

1 week ago

The Alien Diaries

Coffee... such an interesting taste, I’m not a fan of the white cow juice the humans add to it though. According to…

49 minutes ago

Elizabeth ter Meulen

RT @RotterZwam: We always had a holistic approach to the whole mushroom business. That’s why it’s so great that we are doing this important…

58 minutes ago

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