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Coffee lover? New diabetes research explains why you’re doing just fine

15 hours ago

Parker Molloy

6 hours ago

John McAfee

@GoodTipLeaver @CryptoIsse @J34512063 @missmayn @RationalMale I don't do cocaine. It's a yesterday drug. If I were…

2 days ago

Nupur J Sharma

@Trushar I have no axe to grind with you. There are no loopholes in my work. The BBC research was shoddy and bias.…

14 minutes ago

Trushar Barot

@UnSubtleDesi I've read it and I'm telling you there are a lot misinterpretations of what the actual research says.…

15 minutes ago

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아빠 최고

And just in case you don’t dig the music, the cd case is designed to be a great coffee table book.

1 day ago

Søren Bjerg

Coffee is the elixir of life... ☕

20 hours ago


Lady Gaga Delivers Pizza and Coffee to Evacuees in Wildfire Shelters After Fleeing Malibu Home

12 hours ago


@Coffee_tart322 @sakiyuki_fumei マルチ苦手ならマイクラやテラリアなんかのサンドボックス系や、スパイダーマンやゼルダなんかのアクションRPGとかどうですかね( ˘ω˘ )?

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