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Dark Horse Comics

In QUANTUM AGE: FROM THE WORLD OF BLACK HAMMER #5, a journey through time via the Para-Zone leads our heroes to con…

1 day ago


RT @kelllicopter: *driving through construction zone* my brain: you should hit all these cones me: what? why? my brain: it go clunk clunk…

3 hours ago

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Jason Lewis

Minnesota is home to so many important races this year! Today, @Doug_Wardlow joined me in Hastings to hit the doors…

1 month ago

Dorey Scheimer

I was in 5th grade when a gunman came to my Synagogue in Pittsburgh after murdering his Jewish next door neighbor.…

1 month ago

Randall Arsenault

Daytime break and enters, nobody home. Kicked in front doors, targeted only jewellery in master bedrooms and immedi…

1 month ago

Mike Z59

@DoRtChristians Take a hard look at the van! Its been worked paint looks new, no body damage the stickers on the si…

1 month ago