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Eugene Bleecker

@DGratz13 @tx_pierce @wuthrich_larry Greatest hitters miss less barrels in hammer zone than everyone else. Short ti…

3 weeks ago


RT @bud_cann: Democrat’s heads are exploding all over the U.S.A as they heard Kim Jong Un will meet President Trump at the Demilitarized Zo…

3 weeks ago


@causalinf West Wing, Avengers (Steed), Deadwood, The Prisoner, Bodies, Fargo, Twin Peaks, MASH, Twilight Zone, Mis…

3 weeks ago


RT @crypto_birb: reversal plan (daily closed in FULL control by bears) 1\desperate bulls test 5k->rejection->capitula- tion 2\1-1.5k (FUD emp…

3 weeks ago

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