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Jerry Vene

You don't know #THESTRUGGLE in testing, until you have to take any college-level physical science exams (be it Physics, or Chemistry).

7 years ago

Physics Tweet

Hannah Weaver '14 Publishes Research in Leading International Physics Journal - Lafayette College Campus News

7 years ago

Eliza Effect

Sometimes I kick myself for not dropping this useless physics degree to go into literary criticism while I still had mentors in college

7 years ago

Melynda Kaye

It took me 20 minutes for the exam. I felt like I did a good job. I'M DONE WITH PHYSICS FOREVER! #college #final

7 years ago


JOB-Colorado Springs-CO-80904-College Physics Tutors are needed for upcoming assignments this summer as well as the 2...

7 years ago

Cheeky Pup

@NajArmstrong ahh, you're grand so. Loads of time. Physics was my favourite subject last year too tho. Doing it in college next year. XD

7 years ago

larissa McSykes

@megzTW thanks girl! I hate physics but I'll give it a try. :) wbu? No more college?

7 years ago

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