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Jackie Speier

First @POTUS attacks the press, then sics Sessions on #DreamHost & Americans exercising their Constitutional Rights

1 week ago

Tor Bjorn Minde

The latest Torshammer Daily! Thanks to @SICS_ICE #icymi

16 minutes ago

Laura Pearson

Gave my last exam a good attempt, now just a long 6 week wait #finalexam #cima #scs #sics

19 minutes ago


@thepinkservbot @CarlBeijer Ah yes the guy who sics his followers on everyone who mildly criticizes him is the victim of harassment here

40 minutes ago


@seri_sics 待ち合わせのとき驚かそうと思って背中見せないように気をつけ- てた笑 セリさんのデザインのスピッツとの相性の良さとグッズ- 映えが素晴らしすぎる!んで何よりわたしのめっちゃ好み😂 T- シャツ作ろう!

1 hour ago

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