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✰*♡ momo ♡。:゜♪✰。

"i went to paris to study comparative literature" no. u went to paris to eat white women.

7 years ago

Krisha Champaneri

It's amazing how many English and American literature students don't understand what comparative literature is or think less of it #idiots

7 years ago

Moscow Law Review

Comparative law literature has yet to congeal into a "discipline" proper, that is, into "a shared body of information and theory". C. Valcke

7 years ago

Robin U. Blind

Someone applying for a Comparative Literature&History degree opens their personal statement with, 'Who is your favourite Spice Girl?' #why

7 years ago

Devon Cristofaro

after three days of tedious work, i am finally done with my comparative literature final. #timeforgeology

7 years ago

Casey McDermott

RT @lizdennerlein: Find the perfect comparative literature course that suits your own personal interests via @kaitlynzurcher. http://t.c ...

7 years ago

Ryan Slee

Just wanted to spread some wisdom don't every take a comparative literature course, especially if you and the professor disagree #ImScrewed

7 years ago

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