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Eric Boehlert

they are, collectively, w/o a conscience and w/o a moral compass. so the nightmare endures

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Jacob Wohl

@realDonaldTrump The Alt Left consistently comes to the defense of Iran and North Korea. The backwardness of their…

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Sierra Club

"Scott Pruitt’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year." What's he screwing up? Let us tell you:

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Comedian The DA

@OpressedProgess Dumb Donald received 5 military deferments yet he's the moral compass to what is patriotic or not?

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Jedi4StandingRock 🐾

Locking arms is cute but reflects a business decision vs moral compass Much respect to the @NFL players who chose…

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Dukascopy Stocks ZH

整点播报:券商股一马当先 沪指创20个月新高 - 财经新闻 #外汇 #股市 #金融

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Dukascopy News (ZH)

整点播报:券商股一马当先 沪指创20个月新高 - 财经新闻 #外汇 #股市 #金融

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