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Here's yet another reason why my dog is the purest pup ever. I came home from the store to see that his food bag ha…

1 month ago

Mumbai Police

Be it the road to a final, or way back home - being distracted cost dear even to the mightiest. It can cost you dea…

1 month ago

Rep. Ilhan Omar

The median Uber driver takes home just $8.55 an hour. Last year, Uber paid its top 5 executives $143 million. Our…

1 month ago


RT @SamanthaMarie_H: I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that he missed, the fact that the teacher is laughing at him for missing or the…

1 month ago

Rebecca Rodriguez

RT @Cheris6574asds: Did you know! A. You can cook cinnamon rolls on a Traeger grill!? B. You can get associate discounts to fit your budge…

1 month ago