U Of M Hospital tweets

Kelly Peake

@Specky_UK hey sorry didn't reply to txt as u can imagine had a few wks of questions. I'm doing ok was in hospital now resting up, how's u ?


8 years ago


...also why did u of m hospital call me this morning. I've never been a patient there.


8 years ago

IG: Amir8587

Lol dats cuz u nosey that's y u catch all of my tweets.. but no I'm still at the hospital..


8 years ago

Jordan Stewart

At work, had to take a seat for a quick second lol @ U of M Motts Children Hospital http://t.co/rJp6JLNF


8 years ago


dad:what r u doing me: praying dad:i'm so proud of u what r u praying me:i wanna date justin dad:honey get ready i will take u 2 hospital


8 years ago


@Amy_stead it's peng haha! And I'm okay was in hospital again Sunday night but came out Monday! Just in alot of pain! Miss u and Becci lotsx


8 years ago

Darius Harvey

Three U of M helicopters just flew by, the hospital bout to get it in


8 years ago

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