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Lord Demetrius of House Stark

here is me, demetrius harmon, moments after my edible kicked in, cooking spaghetti

9 hours ago

MadhuPurnima Kishwar

Here's my 2014 article on Col Purohit's incarceration & role played by #HemantKarkare in cooking up false narrative…

1 day ago

Isha Foundation

Did you know that one of the world's suavest and coolest celebrity chefs draws inspiration for his cooking from…

1 day ago


I make one thing in the kitchen and swear I need to come out with a cook book and cooking show 😂✨ Lol Happy Easter 🐰🐣🌷

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Silver’s Seeing BTS 💜

RT @yoonieIab: The end of year VCRs cooking up at BigHit Ent right now.......

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