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Hillery Kerri in MURRIETA CA Needs Corporate catering #caterers #wedding #cooks #restaurant

7 years ago

garrett hendrix

I can honesty say idc about Christmas... its not about family anymore and only about what you get...its a corporate greed holiday

7 years ago

Angry Citizen

I hate capitalist journalists for reporting the news from the point of view of their corporate masters.

7 years ago

Paul Davis

RT @24hrsofExposure: If you work in a corporate company why not challenge your collegues to our event, solo 12hr or 24hr who can do the ...

7 years ago

question everything

RT @AntCorporations: Corporate bailouts prove that capitalism is a hypocritical system, which always privatizes gains and publicizes losses.

7 years ago


RT @DearReligious: Religion keeps you focused on superstitious fears instead of the real fears of a fascist-corporate takeover of society.

7 years ago

Ppl call me Lucifer

Corporate welfare needs to be cut. Oil & coal energy corps shouldn't be getting tax payer money & a NEGATIVE tax rate on top if that.

7 years ago

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