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North Carolina Highway Historical Markers

more on Baker roll: and marker page:

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Silent Sam I Am

3/ The state created a Study Committee on Relocation of Monuments (because why fix racism when you can study it fur…

35 minutes ago

Silent Sam I Am

1/ The NC Historical Commission is the legislatively prescribed body granted the authority by the General Assembly…

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UNCA History

#OTD 1835 NC called a Constitutional Convention to modify 1776 model. A growing East-West divide was the catalyst.…

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UNCA History

#OTD 1904 Ben Owen was born in Moore Cty. From a family of potters, Ben teamed w/The Busbees at Jugtown (‘23-59) ne…

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Danielle Moodie

Breaking News: the state of Minnesota has just filed a Civil Rights law suit against the Minneapolis Police Department. #WokeAF

1 day ago

Candace Owens

It’s heartbreaking to read what police officers are going through all across the country, at the expense of one idi…

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The police officers who murdered Breonna Taylor still haven’t been arrested or charged. Friday June 5th would have…

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Jackhole Angry Beaver

#WhatILearnedToday Atlanta Police Department Officer Maximillian Brewer was seriously injured on Saturday, May 30,…

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