Cream Of Mushroom Soup tweets

Seeley Davidson

@carolfresh @thewandrew make smart choices

6 years ago

caroline hewes

Im sick of people hating on cream of mushroom soup #sogood

6 years ago

Caitlyn Pritchett

I know it's midnight but I'm craving cream of mushroom soup. Mmmmmm

6 years ago

Lex Haley

CROCK-POT: Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken : 1 lb chicken + 1 can cream of mushroom soup + 1 cup salsa + 1

6 years ago

Matthu Eric

No mom tomato soup and cream of mushroom are not the same thing you idiot how dare you try to feed me that filth.

6 years ago

Hannah! Flagg

I made cream of mushroom soup with funny tasting milk...

6 years ago

Jireh Tan

Campbells cream of mushroom soup for breakfast (: thats the way

6 years ago

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