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arc ✜⁷🍊

i have a crush on my mentor i think shes just so lovely

22 minutes ago

Akari (Living, free art on pinned)

@MissAshyArtsy GOt no crush. But your sona is really lovely.

28 minutes ago


@shanNarts Oh my gosh 🥺🥺❤️ this is so beautiful 😭♥️ love the colours so much!! ✨ Thank you and thank you for readin…

31 minutes ago

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Tansy Kelly Robson

@seanferrick I'm torn. Sarek is always my number 1, but I admire and emulate, rather than crush. Soval I wanna grab…

1 month ago


@OwenKyffin I had a HUGE crush on my old history teacher. He was SO lovely. When I passed my driving test I used to…

1 month ago