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@AtomsksSanakan @RoyPentland @SylviaD32911201 @JPolov @PoeBrianL @tjtjgeol @caerbannog666 @deano7577 @swcrisis…

1 month ago


Entity Framework Core Migrations error - Database already exists - How to fix #ASP.NETCore #DotNetCore #EFCore…

1 month ago

Brage Allum

@CraftCMS Thanks for the response, but I found the solution to the issue! It was really dumb - we had to upgrade th…

1 month ago

Nigel H

@bottomline_ibd Thanks for letting me know. This may account for the “error establishing a database connection” message I’m getting

1 month ago

paul pizzi

Today's Special! <br /> <b>Notice</b>: Error: Failed to establish connection to database. in <b>/home/appbleupa…

1 month ago