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Did you know that @HarvardMuseum is home to one of the first Triceratops skulls ever discovered? Visit or learn mor…

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Geomorphology of a river: what happens when you install a dam or a weir and how the sediment transport changes [fu…

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Glazed, powdered...or filled with lava? It's likely that volcanic activity played a role in forming these donut-sha…

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bia♡ :: wa fast respon & proses

“🌸 CANVA Canva pro 1 hari 2k 3 hari 3k 7 hari 6k 1 bulan 10k 3 bulan 15k 6 bulan 25k 1 tahun 35k Canva designer 1…

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RT @DahasPH: On 1-31 May, 37 died in Marcos Jr.'s drug war, the highest monthly toll for '23. NCR is the top hotspot with 9 killings. Next…

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