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Surely McClain

@ericareport What a crock. Stop being so spoon fed. Show the proof/article/ doc, something? If this were true…

4 hours ago


Aside from my 2 kids births and 2 doc appts to get antibiotics about 10yrs ago I have never used the NHS. (and I’m…

16 hours ago

Ben Visser

@pat_data_man @floorplaycoach @Doc_Box Vanuit een statistisch oogpunt zal de superspread na de voorjaarsvakantie ni…

17 hours ago 🇵🇸

When I'm reading I feel so smart like "yes Theweleit I was just thinking that myself" and then when I get to writin…

1 day ago

Captain of ALL of the ships

Doc and crisis core i didnt play with him so im more open to trying those again but man yeah not touching og ff7 for sure

1 day ago

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