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Danielle and Eleanor in NYC! (via: @1dneews)"

7 years ago

Alexa Abbruscato

Yeah, not going to CVC anymore **

7 years ago

Alex Brooks

I hate when ppl say the CVC is the SEC get outta here the NOC is! Mayfield, NR, Hudson, Mentor all made the playoffs in D1.. CVC is weak

7 years ago

Keri Ketchmark

Good Luck Pirate Cheerleaders at CVC!!! ********

7 years ago

Ben Wogu

RT @GRADYTHEGREAT: [Mixtape] @GradyTheGreat - Hard Work :: Get It LIVE! @IndyTapes @DJ_SR @djburnone I need err1 2 ...

7 years ago

Grady The Great

[Mixtape] @GradyTheGreat - Hard Work :: Get It LIVE! @IndyTapes @DJ_SR @djburnone I need err1 2 DOWNLOAD rite now #DDB

7 years ago

Anthony Coronado

@ElNotoriousGutz @jtwice4life @kid_slice Yeah. We Won That Game 12-1. We Beat CVC 3-0.

7 years ago

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