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《水属性デッキにて》 コダロス「よーし僕の効果で相手モンス- ターをやっつけちゃうぞー! 『海』を墓地に送ってっと……あれ、お兄様(墓地に)いたの?- 」 ダイダロス「ずっといた!!!(泣)」←手札コストで早々- 送られた

18 minutes ago


RT @JoeRikiichi: 新衣装配信ありがとうございました おつってね!!!!!

22 minutes ago

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw

While we can't control natural disasters, we can control how we respond to them. Houston was rocked by Hurricane Ha…

1 month ago

James O'Brien

It’s the whining & the perpetual victimhood that’s so damaging to democracy & to our national interest. No solution…

1 month ago


Soons i said “I’m ready to get back to it “, I get a text and an email from @Alchemist !!!!! It’s on!!!!!

1 month ago


RT @elmuss_: tak kesah pun whatsapp down, bukannya ada org text

1 month ago


RT @OhgoditsKYO: Who else isn’t affected by Whatsapp and Instagram server fault because they still have no one to text them? We’re in the s…

1 month ago