Dance All Day Long tweets

D.M Vinnie Astrid

I wanna sing and dance all day long like before #YOLO

7 years ago

Queen Odirile

@THABISOBEEZY hahaha dance? So you can dance? Watch movies and drink hot chocolate all day long ☺

7 years ago


One on one we can dance all day long & that's on my daddy.

7 years ago

Chandler Day

I could watch Ne-Yo and Usher dance all day long.

7 years ago

noee camarillo

i swear i can dance country all day long...

7 years ago

Hailey Simon

I could sit here and sing and dance in the mirror to jesse mccartney all day long, #fangirl #superstar

7 years ago


@paiz_gymnast23 he's cute and all but really, this has been the only thing on twitter all day long.

7 years ago

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