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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Ekonomi tetikçilerine vereceğimiz en güzel cevap, işimize dört elle sarılmak olacaktır. Daha çok üreteceğiz. Daha…

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Darren Rovell

JUST IN: Starting today, @budlight is installing “Victory Fridges” that will be full of beer in 10 Cleveland bars.…

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本日夕暮れの細い月と金星です。(東京にて撮影) 1、左の星- が金星。月の陰の部分も丸くほのかに光るのは地球照。 2、望- 遠鏡を使って。クレーターがよく見えました。 今日もお疲れさ- までした。明日もおだやかな1日になりますように。

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RT @pachyderm22: @WCLouisville #Bourdain Homage Dinner Tuesday Aug 14 6pm @Ward 426 Benifiting Am Foundation for Suicide Relief https://t.…

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ℯ м ɪ ʟ ʏ.

RT @devyn_gilliam: HEY GUYS!!! my dog got out on the east side near rallys, hes the black one, his name is boogaria hes playful so he might…

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