Decanting tweets

Marjan Rafat

I'm generally better at doing things sitting down: pipetting, decanting my dialysis membranes, wii golf...

8 years ago

Norman Froscher

Steak is marinating. Wine is decanting. Bourbon is poured. Let the weekend begin!

8 years ago


@plunderbund - that's because she puts uteri in the same category as decanting bottles a la Brave New World.

8 years ago

BrickBoy Johnathan .

cause me decanting my self isnt realistic

8 years ago


One Important Thing To Remember When Decanting Red Wine: Decanting red wine is done to allow the wine to breathe...

8 years ago

Wine With Friends

Decanting: Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan MW gives us the science and reason for aerating your next bottle

8 years ago


This week on #btimes 2: Fizz freak @GrandeMarque on decanting Champagne

8 years ago

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