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Jim Nagy

In a deep EDGE class, one off-the-radar player with Day 2 talent is @FootballUGA DE/OLB D’Andre Walker. He was one…

6 days ago


RT @MrMoeOthman: The entertainment industry is a conveyer belt. People get on it, get famous then get thrown off the edge. Some people how…

3 days ago

Sandra Rios

RT @axidentaliberal: THE DANGER OF BARR PARROTING TRUMP CONSPIRACY THEORIES It legitimizes the falsehoods They’re out to get me It a cou…

3 days ago

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Ryan Goodman

I poured extensive research into this article. Could not imagine a better time to publish it. "Barr’s Playbook: He…

3 days ago

Joyce Alene

While previously at DOJ, Barr did a summary of an OLC memo & “omitted some of the most consequential & incendiary c…

3 days ago

Shaun Robinson

Trying to figure out how @bts_bighit can keep up that stamina for an entire concert. Those boys can dance. #BTSxSNL

4 days ago

Cataloging in the name of

@viru5detected Didn't the folks on Gilligan's Island also figure this out?

3 days ago

محمد اليافعي .

RT @__wa7eed: @dgeeeeees22 المفروض نحتفل بفوزكم على الهلال بس مانحتفل بفوزنا عليكم والله جننتهم ي فهد الله يسامحك

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