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Phil Plait

Mystery solved! NGC 5866 is a gorgeous edge-on galaxy, but where did its amazing dust lane come from? A deep exposu…

1 month ago

Mako Mori

@AltPilotYancy I work as much as is needed. *she takes a deep breath, smiling* We are preparing for a very large op…

1 month ago

Janine Busald

Hmmm, have we been fed a bill of goods regarding climate change and the role of humanity in it? The Deep State Cli…

1 month ago

Scenic View Pics

RT @MistyLady4: Seascape 01 - Deep Edge Canvas Ready ... by @MistyLady4 via @artfinder #acrylic #painting #art

1 month ago

Brian Dillon

The Deep State Climate Change Agenda [Part 1/2] | Edge of Wonder via @YouTube

1 month ago

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