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Delphi was wasting my time buangetngetngetnget. :|

9 years ago

rita roberts

The Charioteer of Delphi This sculpting is my favourite at the Delphi Museum

9 years ago

Brenda Scott

@dennyhamlin @kaseykahne too bad he forgot to mention his sponsor Delphi

9 years ago

Yana .M (eZ

Next step from delphi pascal

9 years ago

Promote Greece

5 of Unesco's World Heritage Sites located in Greece, including the Acropolis, Delphi, Olympia, Mystras and Vergina.

9 years ago

Taisha Harmon

Hi twitterverse...have been off the map in Greece...Skopelos, Volos, Delphi, Athens...Skyros tomororrow.

9 years ago

Hugo Peters

@mdf200 @RussellKay Maybe it's the IDE... There's only one solution... Make a new IDE... Not in Delphi... Eclipse... Eclipse.. Eclipse...

9 years ago

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