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Morgan Jerkins

Please throw food or drink on someone if you see them doing this. Enough is enough.

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Ana Cabrera

OMG! Putting bleach on their food. Washing their bodies w/ household cleaning & disinfectant products. Inhaling and…

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🏴‍☠️ ✠ Kasteez0 d00meR ✠ 🌲 🇪🇸🇩🇰

RT @JackdawJackal: Can I please not have to worry about how much my food kills me and can I please have a shred of confidence that my gover…

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Sriganesh Ⓥ 🏳️‍🌈

@RDArasan @arunmano1 @RKRadhakrishn @peta And food chain logic does not apply to 99% of humans. We as a vegan or no…

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Lemme say this again. If you think. That yelling. At a police officer. Or standing close to them. Is grounds. For p…

5 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

Twitter Pulls Trump Campaign Video of President Showing Empathy For Peaceful Protesters Th…

3 hours ago


Not true and not illegal. This was pulled because we got a DMCA complaint from copyright holder.

3 hours ago

i Got Virgil On It †

RT @JahnellAnya: I Had her hold em up so I could see what they would look like in a ponytail. As soon as I seen that 2nd braid sag like tha…

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ten thousand years shirtless

RT @jmcmaster29: Police abolition is becoming a standard progressive value in this country. The black abolitionist left did that.

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