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James Gunn

I am consistently being asked for "just one chance" to act in a movie by people with no experience. But no one woul…

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At the dentist getting a cleaning 😫. (Also floss everyday kids!)

1 day ago

Good Morning America

When this dad couldn't afford the huge cost of fixing his teeth, a dentist was more than happy to take his case. Wa…

1 day ago

Alec Lourmier

RT @oldfriend99: My dentist can do it all, from a simple cleaning to identifying my charred remains

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Liz Meriwether

I don’t need to be “held sacred”. I need birth control, paid maternity leave, child care options, universal pre-K, and a safe work place.

1 month ago

Donald J. Trump

Great book just out, "A Place Called Heaven," by Dr. Robert Jeffress - A wonderful man!

1 month ago

資生堂 ShiseidoCo.,Ltd.

\フォロー&RTだけで当選のチャンス!/ 専科「泡パック」発売記念!「お風呂で泡保湿」の後は目元もケア!パナソニック 目もとエステを10名様にプレゼント!#専科 #泡パックで泡保湿

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Nuevo juego en alquiler!! En la variedad está el gusto, no?? Pues ahí la novedad! #MassEffectAndromeda #PS4

1 month ago