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i just watched an old lady frantically run to try and catch the elevator i was in, and then stick her hands in the…

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BREAKING: Jared Kushner lied to congressional investigators, falsely claiming no one on the Trump campaign communic…

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The Secret

Even though you might not be able to see your dream yet, when you're in bliss you are on the very path that will lead you to it.

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RT @thesecret: No matter how insignificant or small it might seem, each day make sure to do something that is your idea of bliss.

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@Raze_WP Wag ka ng mag deactivate Chevalier/Kibby~😭 Namiss ka namin, tapos deactivate ka ulit? hmm?😐

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Thinking about buying Psychedelic Multi-Color Skull Ring With Intricate Detailing via @yotpo

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#Chatbots powered by #AI and #NLP in typical #ecommerce setup is mainly used(/going to be used) in which areas/domain?

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Chester Offers

@roarydragon can help with your #domain name and #hosting needs. #Chester based #dragon powered #excellance

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Bliss Computers LCDs

Thinking about buying Lg Philips Lp133wf2(sp)(a1) Replacement LAPTOP LCD Screen 1 via @yotpo

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Grace Njio

When a person marches direct to the illimitable domain of eternal bliss, he/she marches to…

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