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Dave Cochran, Professional Adult

@Dictionarycom can't do that, but i CAN sing it backwards - to the same tune, no less! Z Y X W V U T S and R and Q…

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【劇場版情報】「ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow」の第1弾ビジュアル 曜ver. を公開!特典付前売券第1弾の情報と上映予定劇場の詳細はこちら! →…

1 month ago

Gerard Batten MEP

The Met Police ‘imposing restrictions under the Public Order Act’ for today’s demonstration. Did they do that yeste…

1 month ago

Beto O'Rourke

Texas should expand Medicaid so more people can see a doctor and be well. But there's also a significant economic b…

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WelshRighz Project

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Pepe Duarte

RT @NobelWomen: Read this fascinating interview with reporter @connie_walker on her CBC podcast Missing and Murdered. The podcast's 2nd sea…

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