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Joyce Alene

Today, in Alabama & in states across the country, safe abortion is no longer legal. People will die because of it. That's not pro-life.

6 days ago

John Fetterman

I just want to be really clear about something. Abortions will still happen whether it's illegal or not. The differ…

1 week ago

Antoine Allen

'I thought I was going to die' Black schoolboy, forced to ground in mistaken stop and search. The schoolboy's moth…

1 week ago

Nonliberal Elite

@gooddadmike @DrCalumMiller @AwokeRoseArisen @vixmcintyre She's allowed to withdraw consent to the use of her body…

5 days ago

Geimpfter Rebell

@pirate_baltic Bei uns in Österreich gibt es Menschen, die sind begeistert von ihm. Grün ist überall Sch...., egal wie jemand heißt.

5 days ago

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