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Rep. Matt Gaetz

For years, tens of thousands of animals have been euthanized after federal lab testing. I'm a proud co-sponsor of t…

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Gov. Gavin Newsom kicked off the year with a proposal to direct $1.4 billion of the state budget to pay for rent su…

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The White Helmets

At a temperature of -11, dozens of families were forced to flee at night from their homes on foot, as a result of t…

1 week ago

Bola Owolabi

RT @louisaforbes_: I’m so proud of the progress the #EHCH @NHSKernow has made using the #PCN’s as a platform for change. Direct phone lines…

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Working my way back to EU

@resiguru @butlerrichard2 @CheeseNBranston @BeakyDruggan @MattFingersArni @chrisgregson123 @european_kate…

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Charlie Kirk

Voter fraud is real: Detroit has a voter listed on their voting rolls who was born in 1823—14 years before Michiga…

1 month ago


‘This is some real-life ‘Black Mirror’ stuff’ — @AOC called out the hidden dangers of facial recognition tech, espe…

1 month ago

Little Mix

We’ve been DREAMING of this our whole career and we are SO excited to tell you a BIG secret. This March, we’ll be h…

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I finally got paid so I can go grocery shopping for a bunch of greens and fruit bc I want to eat plant-based but I…

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Bro be real, should i become an alcoholic bc my crush is

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