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Govt of Pakistan

Special Assistant on National Health Services Dr. Zafar Mirza says government is committed to control HIV AIDS and…

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Christian Castillo

Indignante. Gasearon a los familiares que bajaban con los féretros de los asesinados. Fuera Áñez y el gobierno golp…

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Alvaro Fontela

Un buen plugin para hacer profiling de plugins en #WordPress y detectar problemas... JtudacDe

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Thomas Lowry

@bonniekatewolf @figmadesign I want to address use cases with components too! It is a bit tricky to do with the plu…

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Matt Binder

i did not photoshop this. this is a real post:

1 day ago

Chardine Taylor Stone

Rachel Riley can critic Corbyn all she likes. That’s not the issue. The issue is the mindset that makes a white per…

1 day ago

Cathy Young a photoshop? *Ded*

2 days ago


Preciso mm de photoshop nesse pc🥴🤯

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Tyler | xAMK Jedi (@xAMK_Clan Co-Leader)

RT @L4Lila_D4Dad: @bencoolski @xAMK_Musti @xAMK_Jedi Warning - Too much time on your hands and an unhealthy addiction to photoshop may seri…

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